3D LED headlight with actual lighting beam angle 360°


360 degree radiation, no darkness, a seamless retrofit for Halogen headlights

CREE chip

Dual Ball Rollering Fan with 12,000RPM

70 Watts capable of achieving 7,000LM

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Patent 3D Package technology achieve 360 degree radiation,no darkness,perfect replace halogen lamp.
The lighting focus is the same as original car halogen so it can match original car reflector or lens   perfectly to achieve perfect light effect.
Patend 3D led adopt original CREE chips,lower decay,more stability.
Copper is used for heat conduction and adopting patented active heat dissipation technology.
Roller bearing fan with 12000 RPM and 30000 Hours lifespan.
True 35W ,True 3500LM output Per Bulb.
Top quality, 2 years warranty.

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