Newest 7″ Projection Daymaker Adaptive Led Headlight


Dimensions: 7 inch
Temperature: 6000K
LED Power:50W /30W
Voltage:9-32V DC
Color: Black, Chrome
Color Temp:6000K
Life time:50000hours
Waterproof:IP 67


The Model dynamically adaptive motorcycle headlight.
It was designed to address a particular shortfall of traditional headlights – poor visibility while cornering. While traditional headlights create a dark void of light going into a corner as the bike leans, the dynamically fills in the darkness with bright, white light…ultimately making riders feel more comfortable and safe. The motorcycle LED headlight calculates bank angles on a real-time basis using proprietary technology and on-board sensors, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans. This additional illumination fills in the gaps that traditional headlights can’t. This new adaptive headlight combines innovative low beam optics and ComfortLite high beam optics to provide best-in-class foreground illumination and light above the horizon (respectively) which dramatically improve rider comfort and safety.

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